Foundational Wellness Series: DIGESTION

Foundational Wellness Series: DIGESTION

In this post, we will cover the basic mechanics of digestion and some potential pitfalls along the way. Digestion is a north to south process and actually begins in the brain. Thinking about food, smelling it, touching it, helps to get your digestive juices flowing, literally! The brain is experiencing the food first and sending signals to other parts of our body to get ready to eat.

Foundational Wellness Series: SLEEP

Foundational Wellness Series: SLEEP

Many of my clients (and family and friends!) are shocked when I tell them that sleep is the most important element in optimal wellness. Why wouldn’t we begin with overhauling the diet or implementing a strict workout regimen? Because without enough sleep, in quantity and quality, our bodies just won’t function properly, plain and simple. In fact, there does not seem to be any major organ, body system, or brain process that isn’t enhanced by sleep or significantly impaired without it! One of the most alarming aspects of chronic sleep debt is that we become acclimated to our impaired alertness and performance, reduced energy levels, and compromised vitality. Just think how wonderful we could feel if we prioritized sleep!

Foundational Wellness Series Kickoff!

Foundational Wellness Series Kickoff!

The idea of “wellness” has been such a trendy topic as of late. Companies have created products full of interesting ingredients that claim to improve your mind, body, or soul. Health gurus constantly write about wellness in terms of the next “it” workout or superfood. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. But what does it actually mean to be healthy and well? What does that look like or feel like? 

10 Ways to Afford a Doula

As a birth and postpartum doula, a question I hear all too often is: How will I afford a doula and why is it so expensive? 

First and foremost, doula care is incredibly personal for both the client and the doula. We are giving our time, expertise and knowledge, resources, and hearts, not to mention being a part of such an intimate experience. It is hugely important to choose a doula with whom you truly connect and trust. The value of that alone is priceless! 

Many doulas include prenatal meetings to prepare families for labor, stay with the mother for the duration of the birth, and then provide some postpartum support. Each client gets countless hours of preparation and care — emotionally, mentally, and physically. Postpartum doulas are included in this care as well, witnessing and guiding women and families through the transition into parenthood. It is rewarding work, but it certainly is not light work.

Although doula care is absolutely worth the cost, that doesn’t mean everyone can afford it in one lump sum. So, how will you pay for a doula? Here are the top 10 ways our clients at Sage have planned for our services:

1. Add doula services to your baby registry

2. Ask family members to donate funds for pre-due date holidays

3. Nix the non-essentials like lattes and dining out

4. Ask your doula for a customized package to suit your budget

5. Use a credit card

6. Flex spending, health savings accounts or cafeteria plans

7. Set up a payment plan with your doula

8. Use your tax refund

9. Sell things you don’t use. (You’ll be glad for the extra space after baby arrives!)

10. Barter your goods or services for part of the cost

The journey of pregnancy and parenthood is so thrilling! While you are planning nursery decor and picking out the best swings, diapers and toys, go ahead and plan for your doula. You’ll be so glad you did, even before your baby’s Birth Day!

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