"Every woman who heals herself,
heals all the women who came before her
and all the women who come after her."

-- Global Sisterhood


herbal consultations

I've been practicing plant medicine for some time, even as a young child intuitively playing with plants in my mother's garden. Now, I am training as a Master Herbalist and will soon launch a small line of products at Beltane Apothecary.

As part of my holistic approach to well being, I share herbal knowledge and remedies that are gentle and effective. I cannot and will not prescribe any herbal remedies, but I can provide resources and evidence-based research to help you make informed decisions about your wellness plan.

Initial Consultation  – $60, includes a 45-minute initial visit, research/resources to address your specific issues, and a customized herbal blend. 

Follow up appointments – $35 (30 minutes)

Additional charges may include the cost of subsequent custom blended herbal products.

vaginal (yoni) steams

Vaginal steaming is an ancient practice still used throughout the world to bring warmth to the womb, heal tissues postpartum, regulate and bring awareness to a woman's cycle, and tend to many feminine issues from menarche to menopause.

I am a certified yoni steam practitioner, and I take great care in facilitating customized steams. We will go over your health and cycle history and I will determine a treatment protocol and an herb blend suited for your needs.

$65 for initial consultation and first steam; $40 per steam thereafter