Emily Manelius


I feel at home in nature — touching trees, observing wild things, smelling flowers. I play the violin and adore music, from classical to bluegrass and beyond. I cry every time I watch Father of the Bride. I love to cook and clean and craft. I secretly (not-so-secretly) want to own a farm with plenty of land for chickens, sheep, a couple of cows, and an enormous garden. I'm an Oklahoma native with an affinity for red dirt. 

I was inspired to assist and nurture mothers through the experience of having my own daughter. I found a posse of incredible people who supported me throughout pregnancy and the birth experience, and all of my preconceived notions of the process were dissolved. But Motherhood can be hard, and the reality of sleepless nights (and days), reflux, breastfeeding, and the multitude of parenting choices and opinions felt overwhelming. It was then that I realized we lack a sense of community in our modern society, and I made the decision in my heart to become a wellness consultant and holistic doula.

It is my hope that in working with me, you feel calm, safe, heard, nurtured, and honored in your choices. I will strive to serve as your steady heartbeat amidst the ever-changing dance of your healing path. I want to be the person who supports you, lifts your voice and your spirit, and reassures you that you are not alone. 


I am deeply grateful to have studied at the feet of some incredible mentors. I am certified as a Holistic Birth Doula under midwife and elder Whapio Diane Bartlett through The Matrona. I am also a proud INNATE Postpartum Care Certified Provider through Rachelle Garcia Seliga’s Innate Traditions. I am committed to changing the way we view birth (as transformation, not an ordeal) and postpartum care (as a necessity, not a luxury).

I am currently training as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant through the Nutritional Therapy Association and will obtain certification Fall 2019. This education has not only deepened my knowledge of nutrition, but also my appreciation for the body’s ability to heal. We are miraculous beings!

I have been a folk herbalist for some time, focusing my studies on family remedies like first aid applications and acute illnesses, so I am currently training as a Master Herbalist to broaden my approach. My passion for supporting women spurred my desire for deeper knowledge of herbalism, and I am also pursuing certification as a Women’s Herbal Educator to bring plant medicine to my community of incredible women.

I also hold a Bachelor's degree in journalism and public relations from Oklahoma State University, which I truly believe has helped me to trust my instincts and respond organically to any situation (a must in the doula world!).