"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

-- Hippocrates



Nutritional therapy is a holistic, evidence based, comprehensive and personalized approach to health and healing. Using a combination of thorough client intake and interview, assessment of the body systems and symptoms, lifestyle coaching, and targeted diet and supplementation, this approach can be incredibly effective in identifying the body’s needs and reaching your desired outcome. Nutritional therapy truly integrates both physical considerations and emotional effects of our food choices and empowers us to support the whole being.

As a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, I want to inspire you to take charge of your health, understand how your body works, help you interpret your body’s messages when something is out of balance, and support you through the entire process. Together we will explore food selection, purposeful preparation, meal planning and shopping guides, nutrient-dense recipes and more. There is no reason for you to feel less than wonderful with so many paths toward healing!


I am currently offering in-person consulting in Northern Colorado. (Distance consulting coming soon.) Contact me about a FREE 15-minute information call and special pricing opportunities while I’m certifying!

Comprehensive Health Analysis — $475.00

  • Initial Interview (90 minutes) — We will discuss and thoroughly assess your health history, symptoms, and goals, and I will create a comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle plan just for you.

  • Four follow-up sessions (60 minutes each) — We will check in once a month for four months, re-evaluate and re-establish your goals and symptoms, and tweak your bio-individual plan as needed. We will also explore meal planning and custom supplementation, if necessary.